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Reiki Teacher training is a teaching qualification that can take your healing practice to the next level of recognition. In the Reiki teacher course, you will learn everything you need to lead groups, channel Reiki initiations and teach all the levels of the Reiki training.  Reiki teacher training takes place from the clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand. You will leave the training transformed into a competent Reiki Master / Teacher.


Reiki Teacher Course Prerequisites

The Reiki Teacher course is available to those who have completed Reiki 1Reiki 2 and Reiki Master training.  If you have completed the Reiki 2 training and have a working relationship with the Reiki symbols, it is also possible to take the Reiki Master and Teacher courses together.  This is known as Reiki Master / Teacher training.

Individual Training

Reiki Teacher training is always taught in a one-on-one context.  This personal form of training allows adaptability in accordance to individual needs.  The goal of the training is to transform the student into a competent Reiki teacher. Where appropriate, the training has space for personal therapy to overcome personal blocks and install confidence.

It is the intention to build a deep relationship between master and student at this level.  Lifelong support in the journey of being a Reiki Teacher is offered to all graduates of the Reiki Teacher program.

The Course Content

Teaching all levels of Reiki

We will review the core course content from all of the levels of the Reiki training. As our lineage is one of the purest Reiki lineages existing in the world today, we begin with examining the original Reiki teaching notes from 8th generation Reiki Master Teacher, Shanti.  Commentary on these notes are offered with my own insights, perspectives and ideas gathered over my nine years of experience teaching Reiki.

Channeling Reiki initiations

The ability to channel Reiki is passed from Master to student in the Reiki initiations (attunements).  Each initiation is a ritual in which the original steps shown to Master Usui in his meditation are followed and the Reiki symbols activated in the aura of the student.

You will learn how to channel the Reiki initiations for all levels of Reiki courses.  The ability to channel initiations in a gift that can be offered to people, both inside or outside of formal Reiki training.  Initiations can be given to friends and loved ones that often have a powerful impact on their lives.

Internet marketing and promotion

In today’s world, marketing is essential to ensure success.  The best Reiki teacher in the world will have no students is no one knows about their services!  Many healers fail to build a successful practice simply because they are not equipped with the skills necessary to market their practice.

The Reiki Teacher training includes all the training you need.  We will review essential practice promotion and internet marketing skills including:

  • Researching competition
  • Program placement
  • How to structure a website
  • SEO (search engine optimization skills)
  • Social media marketing (Web 2.0 presence)

With a clear understanding of what is necessary to build a real healing presence in your community, you will leave this course with all the skills necessary to ensure success.

Take The Next Step

Training is available by request.

About Nicholas Harris

Nicholas Harris is a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and an 8th Generation Reiki Master / Teacher.

Over the last 16 years, he has helped thousands of clients with the art of personal change. The focus of Nick’s work is the use of consciousness for healing. Nick teaches “The Path of Inner Relationship”, a fresh way to heal negative emotion.

Nick views life as a reflection of the mind and challenges as opportunities for learning and growth. He helps his clients find happiness by mastering emotion.

Working internationally, Nick is the owner of the Chiang Mai Wellness Centre and consults for Chiva Som, a world-class healing resort in southern Thailand.

Nick currently works for The Chiang Mai Wellness Centre. You can read client reviews of this work here.

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