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Therapy for Insomnia in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Therapy for insomnia in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Therapy for insomnia focuses on addressing and overcoming the challenges that prevent you from enjoying a natural, restful sleep. Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I offer hypnotherapy sessions for insomnia both in-person and online to help you to be able to sleep deeply again.

Understanding insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder characterised by difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep - or both.

Insomnia can be caused by an overloaded mind, unresolved past events or anxiety about the future. The fear of not being able to sleep often worsens the problem, creating a vicious cycle of insomnia (anxiety about not sleeping leading to the inability to sleep).

Anxiety is the opposite of relaxation, and deep sleep requires relaxation, trusting and letting go.

My therapy for insomnia addresses the causes of sleeplessness, allowing you to experience the important sleep that we all need!

Hypnotherapy: An effective treatment for insomnia

Hypnotherapy in Chiang Mai, Thailand is a safe and powerful treatment that can help you:

  • Uncover and resolve sources of stress; Heal the fear of not sleeping
  • Establish regularity in your life patterns to encourage proper sleep
  • Learn self-hypnosis techniques for falling asleep and returning to sleep after waking up at night

Alleviating anxiety for deep sleep

A key aspect of my therapy for insomnia is addressing the anxiety that prevents you from experiencing deep sleep. By resolving the underlying issues causing your anxiety, you can achieve the state of relaxation necessary to enjoy deep, restful sleep.

The significance of sleep hygiene

Maintaining good sleep hygiene is crucial to enjoy deep and restful sleep. My therapy for insomnia helps you both understand and to implement the factors that contribute to a healthy sleep environment and routine, such as:

  • Establishing a consistent sleep schedule
  • Reducing stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol
  • Creating a bedtime routine to signal the body and mind that it's time to sleep
  • Limiting exposure to electronic devices before bedtime

Master self-hypnosis for improved sleep

Over the course of a set of therapy sessions for insomnia, you will learn self-hypnosis techniques that can help you fall asleep and return to sleep should you awaken during the night.

By practising these strategies, you will soon be able to put yourself to sleep whenever you choose, empowering you to take control of your sleep patterns and achieve deep and restful sleep.

Affordable in-person and online therapy for insomnia

Therapy for insomnia is available both from our clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand and also online.

If you feel ready to take control of your sleep, then please on the button below to schedule a free introduction call.

Nicholas Harris: Pioneering Emotional Healing

I am an Integrative Cognitive Therapist who has created a unique form of therapy that unifies my life studies - Artificial Intelligence, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Tibetan Buddhism.

I believe that every emotion is created in the mind and can be healed with the mind. My therapeutic specialities are healing trauma and relationship therapy.

I offer in person therapy sessions from The Chiang Mai Wellness Centre and Chiva Som, a world class health resort. Online session are also available, making this work available to everyone.

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