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Therapy to Heal Trauma in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Heal trauma and find freedom from the past

Unhealed trauma can shape your life, creating anxiety, addiction and relationship problems. The good news is that you can heal from trauma - safety, and naturally with your mind.

I offer therapy sessions to heal from trauma from my clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand and online. Therapy is effective, drug free and uniquely brings together knowledge from the fields of clinical hypnotherapy, artificial intelligence and Tibetan Buddhism to help you feel better inside.

Understanding trauma

Everyone has experienced trauma.

Trauma is any event from the past that still holds an emotional charge if you think about it today. Traumatic events are often those that disrupt the status quo of our lives and challenge our sense of personal safety. Examples of trauma might include separation of parents, loss of a relationship, or a personal accident.

At the core, there are two types of trauma - trauma that has been healed, and trauma that has not been healed.

Unhealed trauma can leads to many different forms of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, low self esteem, feeling under constant sense threat, difficulty forming healthy relationships and chronic pain.

The emotions that you have not been healed from the past, will arise in the present, shaping perceptions, experiences and interactions. Or, in other words, if the past has not been healed then it will continue to influence your life today. For example, you might experience feelings towards parents being unconsciously projected onto a partner or find yourself not fully able to trust people, even though logically you know that you can.

When you have healed from past trauma, you will break free from painful emotions, foster more positive, fulfilling connections with yourself and others, and create a healthier future. You will feel happier, lighter and more compassionate as well.

My unique approach to healing trauma

I offer a unique way to heal trauma and PTSD that integrates knowledge from the core of my life studies:

  • Clinical hypnotherapy
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Tibetan Buddhism


You will be led into a natural state of deep relaxation, in which you are in complete control, and taught how to create a safe space in your mind. Working directly with the subconscious mind, I will show you how to reprocess traumatic memories and enjoy emotional health.

Artificial intelligence

Knowledge based systems is a field within artificial intelligence that aims to map human knowledge into a computer system. I use this as a model of emotional experience, enabling me in therapy to understand the relationship between all of your emotional experiences; and to know exactly what to focus on in each therapy session for the maximum possible benefit.

Tibetan Buddhism

Tibetan Buddhism can be understood as the thousands of years' old study of how emotions are created in the mind and can be healed in the mind. I integrate aspects of Tibetan Buddhism meditation techniques into hypnotherapy practice (in a non religious way) that will help you to quickly and naturally release emotional pain.

Life changing therapy to heal trauma

The result of the above is a powerful and life changing form of holistic therapy. Therapy is always conducted within your belief system, helping you navigate your inner world in a supportive and compassionate environment.

Trauma therapy sessions are available from my clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand and online.

If you feel interested to explore more, a great place to start is to book a free introduction call with me by clicking the button below

Nicholas Harris: Pioneering Emotional Healing

I am an Integrative Cognitive Therapist who has created a unique form of therapy that unifies my life studies - Artificial Intelligence, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Tibetan Buddhism.

I believe that every emotion is created in the mind and can be healed with the mind. My therapeutic specialities are healing trauma and relationship therapy.

I offer in person therapy sessions from The Chiang Mai Wellness Centre and Chiva Som, a world class health resort. Online session are also available, making this work available to everyone.

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