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Therapy for Panic Attacks in Chiang Mai, Thailand

How to heal from panic attacks

Panic attacks can be an overwhelming and terrifying experience, leaving you feeling out of control and vulnerable. However, by understanding the nature of panic attacks and the cycle of fear they create, you can regain control over your life.

Please read on to learn how hypnotherapy can help you to heal panic and anxiety - for good!

The fear of panic attacks

The fear of experiencing a panic attack can often be as crippling as the panic attack itself. This anxiety can lead to a heightened state of vigilance and avoidance of situations that could potentially trigger another attack, making it difficult to enjoy everyday activities.

How do panic attacks develop?

To effectively heal from panic attacks, it's essential to recognize and break the cycle of fear that panic attacks create. I call this the “panic cycle”. Healing the cycle involves:

  • Learning how to consciously stop a panic attack.
  • Healing the initial traumatic experience of your first panic attack with regression therapy.
  • Resolving causes of stress and conflict.
  • Learning how to understand your needs and consciously create good feelings from inside.

Freedom through panic and anxiety

By following the above steps and practicing techniques such as deep breathing, meditation and mindfulness practices, you will develop the necessary tools to manage and alleviate the symptoms of a panic attack

When you know that you can stop a panic attack in it's early stages, you will release the fear of panic as you feel in control of your emotions.This will help you to feel confident in your ability to navigate personal challenges before your emotions escalate into anxiety and panic attacks.

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Nicholas Harris: Pioneering Emotional Healing

I am an Integrative Cognitive Therapist who has created a unique form of therapy that unifies my life studies - Artificial Intelligence, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Tibetan Buddhism.

I believe that every emotion is created in the mind and can be healed with the mind. My therapeutic specialities are healing trauma and relationship therapy.

I offer in person therapy sessions from The Chiang Mai Wellness Centre and Chiva Som, a world class health resort. Online session are also available, making this work available to everyone.

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