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Addiction Therapy in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Therapy for addiction in Chiang Mai, Thailand

As a dedicated therapist based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, I offer integrative hypnotherapy to overcome addiction.

My unique, holistic therapy approach focuses on the root causes of your addiction, aiming to heal the emotions that drive addiction and help you to reclaim control over your life.

Understanding addiction

Addiction encompasses various behaviours, from substance abuse to unhealthy habits and patterns.

Whether it's smoking, misusing drugs or alcohol, compulsive mobile phone usage, or engaging in toxic relationships, addiction itself is characterised by a loss of control. Or - in other words - you are experiencing addiction if you find yourself unable to stop the behaviour in question.

Most addictive behaviour is caused by unconsciously seeking to escape from underlying painful emotions. Addiction behaviour itself often has a cost - perhaps through harm to your relationship, limitation in your career or simply a loss of confidence.

The result is further emotional pain, and often a repetition of the addictive behaviour itself, as an attempt to escape from the emotions which is driving it. Therefore addiction is a cycle.

The link between trauma and addiction

The emotions that drive many addictive behaviours stem from unresolved trauma. Therefore, healing trauma and traumatic family imprints is often crucial for effective therapy for addiction.

By addressing the root causes of addiction, you will develop a deeper understanding of your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours and feel empowered to not only break free from the cycle of addiction, but also to grow as a person and find meaning for the challenges of the past.

This holistic approach to addiction therapy incorporates counselling and integrative hypnotherapy to resolve the causes of addiction. Non-judgmental counselling builds rapport and provides emotional education, and hypnotherapy sessions are focused on healing the emotions that drive your old addiction.

Other core aspects of therapy for addiction

Further to the above, your therapy will include:

Identification of triggers

A trigger is any person, place or situation, which results in the emotions that lead to you desiring to engage in the behaviour or addiction. Learning how to recognise triggers for addictive behaviour - and developing healthy strategies for managing them - is an important part of your therapy for addiction.

This is often a crucial therapy step which is missing from treatment in traditional addiction rehabilitation centres, because when you return to your normal daily life, you will be faced with all of the triggers of your old addictions - and there will be a risk of relapse if you are not prepared.

Building motivation for change:

  • Why do you want to heal your addiction?
  • What is your addiction taking away from you?
  • What does your addiction give you?
  • How will your life improve when you have healed from that addiction?
  • Why exactly are you considering therapy to heal your addiction?

Clear answers to all of these questions - and more - are essential for you to build the motivation that you need in order to take control of your life and heal from addiction; for good.

We will explore this in the counselling part of your therapy sessions. We will also uncover the psychological gains behind old addictive behaviours and explore alternative ways to achieve these in a conscious and positive way.

Developing healthy coping mechanisms

It is important to learn how to replace addictive behaviours with healthier habits and coping strategies.

This may involve learning new forms of communication, engaging in your behaviours or redefining relationships and who you choose to spend time with.

In your therapy for addiction, we will rebuild your confidence from the inside and teach you positive ways to manage difficult situations in your life. This may involve learning new emotional skills and developing life practises.

Take your next step towards recovery from addiction

If you are struggling with addiction, please contact me to arrange a free call.

With therapy for addiction available either from the clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand or online, no matter where you are, you can break free from addiction and embrace a more fulfilling future today.

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Nicholas Harris: Pioneering Emotional Healing

I am an Integrative Cognitive Therapist who has created a unique form of therapy that unifies my life studies - Artificial Intelligence, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Tibetan Buddhism.

I believe that every emotion is created in the mind and can be healed with the mind. My therapeutic specialities are healing trauma and relationship therapy.

I offer in person therapy sessions from The Chiang Mai Wellness Centre and Chiva Som, a world class health resort. Online session are also available, making this work available to everyone.

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