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EFT Therapy in Chiang Mai, Thailand

What is EFT?

EFT - “The Emotional Freedom Technique” (commonly known as “tapping”), is a therapy modality that uses a psychological acupressure technique to quickly reduce the strength of negative emotions.

By tapping on specific meridian points on your body whilst verbalising emotions and thoughts, you can quickly release emotional blockages and restore equilibrium to your energy system.

While the EFT technique is remarkably simple, it is also very fast. In fact, many people experience significant shifts in their emotional state within minutes of experiencing EFT therapy.

Whether you are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, or traumatic events, EFT Therapy can help you to Heal painful emotions and enjoy and healthier and happier life.

EFT and hypnotherapy

While EFT Therapy is highly effective on its own, it’s effects are greatly enhanced when combined with hypnotherapy. I can help you to experience the combined power of these two transformative modalities to create real and lasting change in your life.

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Nicholas Harris: Pioneering Emotional Healing

I am an Integrative Cognitive Therapist who has created a unique form of therapy that unifies my life studies - Artificial Intelligence, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Tibetan Buddhism.

I believe that every emotion is created in the mind and can be healed with the mind. My therapeutic specialities are healing trauma and relationship therapy.

I offer in person therapy sessions from The Chiang Mai Wellness Centre and Chiva Som, a world class health resort. Online session are also available, making this work available to everyone.

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