Hypnotherapy in Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Nicholas Harris is a Master level member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis who offers personal therapy with hypnosis in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Nick has 12 years of international experience in private Clinical Hypnotherapy practise and has helped thousands of people with the art of personal change.

Nick's life work is to promote the use of consciousness for healing. In his therapy work, he integrates a wealth of modalities including: hypnosis, nlp and regression.

Nick's views life as a journey of growth. He approaches the challenges that we all face as opportunities for personal evolution.

In this profound therapy work, Nick guides the client into the inner world of beliefs, thoughts and feelings. The intention is to bring awareness to the internal causes of the external stories in our lives, and to change them.

Nick has a deep belief in the power of the subconscious. His intention is to connect the client with the deepest levels of inner wisdom and bring real changes into their lives.

Personal therapy work is conducted within the belief system of the client.

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