Reiki in Chiang Mai, Thailand

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing art in which high vibration energy is channelled for the purpose of healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual problems.  “Rei” means “universal” or “spirit” and “ki” means energy.

The origins of Reiki lie in Japan. Mikao Usui was a Japanese seeker who, through his jobs, had opportunities to travel. He was interested in exploring healing traditions from around the world, and particularly focused on discovering what it was that gave some people the ability to channel healing. Through his travels, he came to the conclusion that perhaps every person has healing abilities, which through training can be enhanced and structured.

Reiki chiang mai thailand
reiki treatment chiang mai thailand

Reiki Treatment

We live in a busy world where many people are quite overwhelmed. Between the demands of family, work and the continual interruption of technology, many people feel overstimulated and not heard. Increasingly, relationships are breaking down and we are experiencing rapid rises in depression, anxiety and work-related disorders. Many people simply feel exhausted.

Reiki treatment is a modern-day sanctuary. You will be welcomed and listened to in a supportive, understanding and accepting framework of love before being invited to enjoy the healing embrace of Reiki.  There is no judgement within the confines of a Reiki session and you will have the opportunity to freely explore whatever is on your heart.

Learn Reiki

Reiki 1

The Reiki 1 course welcomes students from all levels of experience into the world of Reiki. As everyone has natural healing abilities, anyone can learn Reiki. Many students seek to integrate knowledge from Reiki into existing practices and other forms of healing.

Typically, Reiki 1 training takes place over two days. Students learn how to channel the Reiki energy, learning self healing and how to facilitate a Reiki session for someone else.

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Reiki 2

Reiki 2 training is available to all students who have completed the Reiki 1 certification in any lineage of the Reiki tradition. The course goes deeper into the core principles of energy healing, with a focus on initiation into the three Reiki symbols.

The Reiki symbols are like the buttons on an old car radio - fast ways to access specific frequencies for focused healing tasks. A symbol can be called upon by a Reiki practitioner who has received initiation into it. The symbols significantly amplify the Reiki energy and the skills of the practitioner.

Advanced Reiki

Reiki Master

The focus of the Reiki Master course is to explore how you may use Reiki to master your life.  Students receive initiation in the final symbol of the Westernized Usui Reiki system and learn how to use all of the Reiki symbols together in a fluid and integrated way.

During Reiki 2, students are introduced to the three primary Reiki symbols and encouraged to develop relationships to them with practice. The symbols are considered to be the true “teachers” of Reiki.  Students are, therefore, encouraged to trust the information that they channel as the symbols not only encourage development with them, but also in terms of healing energy as a whole.

Reiki master chiang mai thailand
chiang mai thailand reiki teacher training

Reiki Teacher

Reiki Teacher training is a teaching qualification that can take your healing practice to the next level of recognition. In the Reiki teacher course, you will learn everything you need to lead groups, channel Reiki initiations and teach all the levels of the Reiki training.  

You will leave the training transformed into a competent Reiki Master / Teacher.

The Reiki Teacher course is available to those who have completed Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master training.  If you have completed the Reiki 2 training and have a working relationship with the Reiki symbols, it is also possible to take the Reiki Master and Teacher courses together.  This is known as Reiki Master / Teacher training.

Find inner peace.  Be of benefit to yourself and those around you.


Emotional wisdom. Respond to life in place of reacting to it.


Hear What My Clients Say


Corie Chu

Nick is an incredibly talented healer, hypnotherapist, and teacher. This is my second year coming back to Chiang Mai to see him. I've trained in Reiki 1-4 with him and he's the most patient, thoughtful, teacher full of heart. At first, I wasn't sure how I felt studying from a male teacher as I normally prefer female teachers (with yin energy) but he has such gentle energy, that it was perfect. The center is bright, practical and also flows with gentle, loving energy. You can expect to learn about yourself through either a session or training.


Benji Carter

Nick is without a doubt a very talented healer. I had some hypnotherapy sessions with him in 2016. Nick is a kind and gentle soul and it is his warm nature that creates and allows space for your own healing. He helped me immensely with some issues I had been sitting on for some time. In each session, Nick was incredibly present which I felt allowed me to open up much more and quite quickly. If you are seeking to do internal work in Chiang Mai I would recommend Nick as a genuine and very skilled alternative health practitioner.

Kristen Yates

Kristen Yates

I recently had the pleasure and honor to experience both a hypnotherapy session and Reiki 1 course with Nick - and it was truly one of the best weekends I've had in Chiang Mai. Nick is a gifted healer and teacher, and such a beautiful soul filled with presence and peace. During our therapy session, he helped me release some deep-seated patterns and beliefs that have since given me freedom I haven't felt in years. As for the Reiki training, it was a joy to experience his expert teachings; after learning from him, I truly feel prepared to practice Reiki and inspired to continue my studies (with him!) Highly recommend anyone to either have a session with Nick if you're in town, or study Reiki with him - if you're at all interested in mind/body healing, this is definitely a man you want to know!


Lanna Lake

I have received hypnotherapy from Nicholas, and also just completed Reiki 1 training with him. Both experiences have been extraordinary. Nicholas has extensive knowledge of how human psyche, conscious and subconscious minds work and has a variety of tools to help solve the hardest of issues. Whatever your struggle, he will definitely be able to facilitate healing. I've booked a few more therapy sessions with him and planning to do Reiki 2 training next year. The clinic itself is very neat and has a calming environment, an oasis of relaxation in the heart of the city.

Colin Pomeroy

Colin Pomeroy

I've been on the personal growth journey for a long time, and I feel like I've tried everything. So when I first met with Nick, I wasn't sure if it would make a difference for me, or if we'd even uncover any new stuff to deal with.

Damn was I in for a surprise! First off, it was such a relaxing environment and Nick really made me feel comfortable. He began asking me a couple of questions, and within minutes I just started talking about stuff I didn't even KNOW that was bothering me, and it just started spewing out of me. It was amazing, and I was shocked.

We went through the whole session and he did some profound healing and releasing of past events that were stored in my unconscious. I remember leaving his office the first time feeling like an entirely new person. And the crazy thing was, it lasted. Whatever we did in that session made a profound impact on my life and has lasted since.

Needless to say, I've been back to see him to see what ELSE we could uncover.

I highly recommend a session even (and especially) if you don't think there's anything you need to work on.

Dan Hales

Dan Hales

As a trained counselor, and as somebody who has had disappointing experiences with hypnotherapy previously, I approached my first session with Nicholas with high expectations and a level of skepticism. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only did I feel like the hypnosis was 'successful', but that Nicholas certainly knows his stuff when it comes to counseling techniques. What was most important for me, however, was that given the sensitive nature of my presenting 'issues', that Nicholas be open-minded and non-judgemental. He was all of this and more. Not only do I feel I have resolved the issues I originally presented to Nicholas with, I am now keen to further explore other aspects of my spirituality with Nicholas through hypnosis. So BIG THANKS to Nick! 🙂 Dan