Weight Loss

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Hypnotherapy for weight loss in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Losing weight is one of the most well-known uses of clinical hypnosis. The reason why hypnotherapy is so effective at helping people to lose weight is that it directly addresses life choices at an emotional level.  Weight loss therapy is available from our clinic in Chiang Mai or in online therapy sessions.

The body is a reflection of our lifestyle. People who eat healthy foods, exercise regularly and feel emotionally secure are naturally healthy and carry a reasonable weight.

These aspects of life become habits – ingrained patterns of behavior that are often not even thought about.  Habits have been learned over time, either from oneself or “picked up” from other people.

Hypnotherapy to lose weight improves each of these life elements – food, exercise and emotion – resulting in an overall picture of healthy weight loss that can be maintained.

Healthy food and weight loss

Hypnosis can be used to create attraction to healthy, nutritious foods and aversion to fattening, sugary ones.  Hypnotic suggestion and future-focused creative visualization are used to install goals and motivate the client towards desiring a balanced diet of natural, unprocessed foods and avoiding the modern day toxic poisons of complex carbohydrates (bread, rice and flour) and white sugar.

Emotions and weight

Without conscious strategies, most people will try to push unpleasant emotions away. Unconscious repression of emotion is usually achieved by eating food, drinking alcohol, using drugs, focusing on something else, having sex or burying oneself in the Internet.

Many people who struggle with their weight have an emotional component both behind their eating and the need to hold weight itself.  Weight can act as a layer of protection around the heart or serve an unconscious “secondary gain” to stop men being attracted to a victim of abuse.

Eating food when an emotion arises is a negative coping mechanism that over time may lead to a weight problem, even more so because when eating is triggered by emotion the usual desire is to eat food high in white sugar because white sugar is a highly addictive drug that changes people’s emotional state.

Exploring emotions in therapy for weight loss

Emotions are signals from the body.  With appropriate emotional education and the tools to feel and process emotions, there is no longer the need to be fearful of them or try to push them away.  In fact, emotions are precious parts of our psyche communicating needs

Therapy educates the client in the art of listen to one’s emotions, creating balanced choices and making appropriate life changes – rather than trying to ignore emotion and try feelings away with food or addiction.

It may be the case that an emotional association has been learned during childhood between sugary foods and emotional rewards. This can lead to an adult plagued by a pattern of eating exactly the wrong foods whenever an “emotional pickup” is needed.

This is particularly dangerous when an addictive cycle is formed where gaining weight creates anxiety leading to unhealthy eating and further weight gain!

It is clear that there is a link between emotional satisfaction and all lifestyle choices.  Emotional satisfaction is a form of inner fulfillment while the deep sense that “something is missing” can lead to unconscious eating in an attempt to fill the emotional holeminside.

When appropriate, emotional patterns are explored in regression therapy to uncover their root and heal old trauma.

Creating the desire to exercise and lose weight with hypnosis

People who exercise regularly and have an underlying emotional sense of security and well-being tend to be in better shape than those who don’t. The reasons for this is that our actions over time have consequences and reflect into the body.

Calorie theory states that weight gain follows putting more calories (food) in the body than are used over the course of the day.  Weight loss is the opposite.  While changing diet should be considered the first goal for successful weight loss, further results are gained by “burning calories” through exercise.

Exercise can be thought of as movement because every movement of the body uses energy that requires calories.  Therapy therefore explores ways to increase movement as well as install the desire to exercise through hypnosis.  The subconscious mind is taught how to focus on the positive results experienced and – through creating corresponding positive emotions – creates permanent new lifestyle pattern that reflect into real weight loss that is maintained.

Permanent and sustainable weight loss through hypnosis therapy

As we have seen, improving diet, increasing exercise and resolving blockages to emotional are the pillars of weight loss.  In turn, as successful weight loss is experienced the motivation to keep these new positive patterns naturally increases.  A positive cycle of self hypnosis is formed or, in other words, real and permanent change.

These changes are further exaggerated through using hypnosis to directly regulate the metabolism of the body and direct suggestion to improve self confidence and deepen sleep (yes, we do lost weight when we sleep!).

A personal course of hypnotherapy sessions for weight loss explores weight loss from an empowering and an holistic perspective helping them to form the awareness required in order to implement the changes needed to guarantee success.