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Become a Reiki Master in Chiang Mai, Thailand

The focus of the Reiki Master course is to explore how you may use Reiki to master your life.  Students receive initiation in the final symbol of the Westernized Usui Reiki system and learn how to use all of the Reiki symbols together in a fluid and integrated way.  Reiki master training is always one-on-one and takes place from the clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Alphabet of Healing

During Reiki 2, students are introduced to the three primary Reiki symbols and encouraged to develop relationships to them with practice. The symbols are considered to be the true “teachers” of Reiki.  Students are, therefore, encouraged to trust the information that they channel as the symbols not only encourage development with them, but also in terms of healing energy as a whole.

Reiki symbols are often considered to be the “alphabet of healing”. One must become fluid in the letters before it is possible to build words that form sentences and construct the story of a healing session.  It is essential at Reiki Master level to ensure a fluency in the Reiki symbols as a foundation before receiving initiation in the Reiki Master symbol which, in many ways, binds the symbols together into a cohesive system.

Reiki Master Initiation

Students receive two Reiki initiations into the Reiki Master symbol, which empowers a higher level vibration of healing within the Reiki system.

Individual Training

The path to becoming a Reiki master is a personal one and, therefore, training at this level is offered one-on-one.  At the beginning of the course, there will be a detailed conversation aimed to uncover personal goals as well as emotional challenges. The course is individually crafted in order to take into account personal needs and assist the student on the path of becoming a Reiki Master.

How Much Time is Necessary Between Reiki 2 and Reiki Master?

As it is important to have a good relationship with the Reiki symbols before starting the Reiki Master level, it is advised to have at least six months of practice time between taking Reiki 2 and Reiki Master.  

Practice Promotion

Reiki Master training includes detailed guidance on practice promotion including exploring aspects of Internet marketing and building a core client base.  The training aims to encourage understanding of the building blocks necessary in order to build a successful healing practice.

Do I Learn How to Teach Reiki in the Reiki Master course?

The skills to learn how to teach Reiki are learned in the Reiki Teacher course.  However, Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher can be taught together in a combined program.

Integration with Other Healing Systems

Reiki is integrative in nature. The Reiki Master course affords the possibility to explore integration with existing practices and belief systems. Initiation into Reiki empowers existing practices and deepens meditation as well.


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