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Workshops with Nicholas Harris

Our personal development workshops teach self empowerment techniques focused on specific elements of our lives.

These workshops are promoted periodically as groups.  The classes are also available on a private basis upon request.  Workshops are taught in Chiang Mai Thailand and are available internationally upon request.

No experience is necessary to attend these events.  

Self hypnosis

Hypnosis is a focused state of consciousness in which it is possible to directly program the subconscious mind.  When one begins to truly understand hypnosis, it is seen that all hypnosis is Self Hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis is the skill of learning how to program one’s own subconscious mind.  In this workshop you will learn how to lead yourself into (and out of!) hypnosis at will and how to use the hypnotic state to change mental and emotional patterns.

Inner Child Therapy

Every person has many parts. The adult part of us thinks, the wise part of us knows and the child part of us feels.

In this workshop, students learn how to give oneself love, resolve emotional pain from the past and increase emotional well-being in the present.

Developing in relationship to the inner child is a powerful self-development tool that increases one's emotional awareness and improves all aspects of relationship with others. The more love one can feel inside, the deeper one can receive love from the world.

The hypnosis of relationship

It can be argued that relationships provide the most furtive training ground of all.  It is through relationship that we see the full spectrum of who we are.  Relationships trigger the deepest of emotional patterns thus providing the most profound opportunities for healing.

In this workshop we explore relationship from the inside out.  The focus of the group is learning how to give ourselves that which we are seeking to get from others.  The mirror of relationship is explored as a valuable tool for insight and personal growth.

Stress management

Stress can be defined as the “perception of danger”.  With the advance of technology and the reduction of the workforce, there is an expectation for people to do more with less time.  This coupled with the financial concerns of the western world has led to an explosion of “stress related illnesses” that cost the market billions of dollars a year.

In this workshop, we explore practical mental techniques for effective stress management.  The focus in on the use of meditation, hypnosis and NLP to expand mental perception and reduce stress.

Conscious manifestation

Conscious manifestation is a revolutionary one day workshop in the art of creation.  In this group we explore the hypothesis that every situation in our lives has been created for the purpose of learning and growth.  

The circumstances of our lives are a reflection of the choices made in the past and the state of mind held in the present.  The focus of this class is to explore the principles of creation with the aim of stepping into conscious manifestation of our lives.

Introduction to Shamanic Healing

It can be argued that the roots of psychology can be found in ancient shamanism.  

The definition of a shaman is one who “walks between the worlds”.  The shaman has the capacity to affect healing through making changes in non-physical reality that reflect into physical reality.  Naturally there is a strong link between this idea and those explored in clinical hypnosis as well as through different forms of healing meditation.

In this workshop, the focus is on making contact with and developing relationship to the “power animal”, a powerful archetype used in Shamanic Healing as way to access “higher knowledge”.  Every person has a voice of inner knowing.  What we are speaking about here is the part of consciousness that knows what is right from wrong, and what the best path forward is.  

Can I join these workshops

All of these workshops explore practical applications of how hypnosis may be used to make changes in the mind that reflect into our lives.  The classes are designed to stand alone in their structure and training as they explore different belief systems for working with the core mind that each of us has.  As such, they are available to everyone regardless of religion or belief system.

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The therapy

Personal therapy explores the perspective that every condition in our lives is an opportunity for learning, and emotions are the body's way of communicating.

This unique personal work incorporates counselling, hypnosis, NLP, EFT and EMDR into a unique and highly effective form of healing.

Therapy in Chiang Mai

The therapist

Nicholas Harris is a Master Level member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Nick's passion is to promote the use of consciousness for healing. He offers integrative therapy sessions in Chiang Mai Thailand and over Skype.

Nicholas Harris

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Nick has dedicated his life to assisting people with the art of personal change.

He has 12 years of international therapy experience and has worked with thousands of clients across 5 countries.

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